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    Majority Of Brits Think Westminster is Sexist, According To New Poll

    Most Brits think Westminster is sexist, and that coverage of Theresa May focuses mostly on her fashion choices, according to a new poll. In a BMG poll, exclusive to HuffPostUK, two thirds of those surveyed said UK politics is sexist. 73% of those identifying as Labour supporters agreed, while UKIP supporters opposed the view, with

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    Keeping the band together: On NBA continuity rates

    We finally did it. Basketball season is so Stromile Swiftly approaching that I can almost feel the buzz of my phone, filled with texts asking if I’m watching Kyrie Irving turn a defender into stir-fry. I can almost see the VICE Sports column describing some well-meaning human’s attempt to baptize their baby in the waters

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    Nadhim Zahawi: We All Know What Brexit Means

    As the shock of losing the referendum, which engulfed many of those who advocated remaining in the weeks after the vote, lessens with time, some have now taken to demanding to know what Brexit ‘means’. This question comes in a few forms, but is usually accompanied by a knowing smile and an almost visible inner

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    Angela Simmons Welcomes First Child — See A Pic Of Her Baby Boy!

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    Get this dual wax and dry herb vaporizer kit for 30% off

    Vaping is getting more mainstream by the day, which means there’s been an influx of quality yet affordable vaporizers on the market. We’re particularly excited about the APX Wax Vaporizer Kit, which is an easy-to-use, high-quality vape that works with both dry herbs and waxy concentrates. If you’re a beginner trying to get into vaping, the

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    10 CRO Hacks to Reduce Your E-commerce Store Cart Abandonment

    The E-commerce business is hard. Surprises crop up from every nook and corner, making it hard to forecast what might impact your online sales. In 2016, one of the biggest problems that E-commerce entrepreneurs have come across is the excessive cart abandonment rate. There are various reasons as to why a customer might abandon their

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    Andy Burnham: UK seen as hostile and divided post-Brexit

    Image copyright AFP/Getty Images The UK is starting to be seen as a “divided, hostile and narrow-minded” country since its vote to leave the EU, Andy Burnham has warned. In his last conference speech as shadow home secretary, Mr Burnham accused the government of planning a “hard-line, right-wing” exit from the EU. He said Labour

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    Brandi Glanville Is Ready To Get Yolanda Foster In The Dating Game?

    Brandi Glanville has been very vocal about her single life as she really wants to find someone to spend the rest of her life with. Brandi went on Famously Single in hopes of learning why she’s still single, but she probably walked away with more friends than relationship opportunities. According to a new report, Brandi Glanville is

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    Nissan’s autonomous chair is your line waiting buddy

    Nissan”s ProPILOT tech might mostly be used to help provide its cars with autonomous driving features, but a new project puts it into a chair. Yes, a chair. The chair propels itself, detecting the chair ahead of it and keeping a fixed distance between itself and its neighbor, as it moves along a predefined path.

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