Saturday, 27/8/2016 | 4:54 UTC+0

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    The Essentials of PPC Keyword Research

    Identifying keywords for Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns is a dynamic and never-ending process that demands continuous improvement. The key to conversion is within your keywords and how effectively you use them. Data-driven keyword research is a must to remove any guesswork from the process. The idea is that outcomes of a PPC campaign

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    See you at Burning Man!

    I’m about to switch off my email until September 5 and drive to Black Rock City for 10 days of incinerating the dude. If you’re going this year, drop by Liminal Labs — with whom I am immensely privileged to camp — and have some cold brew and say hi! We’re at 5&F

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    Labour leadership hustings: Corbyn and Smith hold Glasgow debate

    Labour leadership candidates Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith are holding a hustings debate in Glasgow. The event at the SECC is the latest in a series being held by the two politicians. Mr Smith is attempting to unseat Mr Corbyn less than a year after he was overwhelmingly elected as leader. Labour Party members have

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    Bundesliga 2016-17: Bayern, Dortmund to Dominate, RB Leipzig’s Big Launch

    The Bundesliga gets underway this weekend as defending champions Bayern Munich aim for an unprecedented fifth straight league title. New players, new managers, new clubs; there are plenty of new things to look forward to in 2016-17. The usual suspects Carlo Ancelotti’s Bayern and Thomas Tuchel’s Borussia Dortmund are the favourites in early reckoning; both

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    Melanie Eusebe: Your Time Is Your Money

    I have a dream of going into the weekend with a clear mind. To look back on the week and see what I have accomplished, to identify the major items that need focus the following week, and to make room to enjoy the weekend with family and friends and myself, giving me some much needed

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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: The Kotaku Review

    Adam Jensen needs a nerf. Five or six hours into Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, I imagined the game’s bad guys sending angry emails to developer Eidos Montreal complaining about their overpowered player-controlled adversary. Every fortified area Jensen entered started out full of alert, dangerous guards and ended with a heap of unconscious men piled up

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